We believe in using data to drive more rational decisions. We believe in meritocracy and driving big execution fast.

A rational approach

We strongly believe that successful ventures are built primarily by people; Ideas are secondary. We know that fast-growing businesses are different. They face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Many are at an inflexion point in their development, looking for a patient and strategic partner to help them transform from an ascending star into an enduring market leader. Serving as a steady and strategic co-pilot, we help our portfolio companies manage and accelerate their growth by seizing new opportunities, mitigating risks, and preparing to scale their business models.

A meritocratic

We believe in meritocracy and creating an environment where everyone is rewarded based on their performance and achievements. We believe an environment where everyone is accountable and responsible for their results, and has full trust to shine is where people thrive.

A data-driven

We believe in using data to make more accurate and precise decisions. And we believe in adding emotional components and arguments to contextualize the data.

impact fast

We believe in high speed execution. We believe in delivering massive value fast. We’re aggressive and driven, centered around our customers.