Inside Benitago.
What we look for.

We’re selective in whom we bring on board at Benitago. In numbers, we’re more selective than almost any elite school such as Harvard or Princeton. Below are some of the key criteria we look for in any role at Benitago.

Drive &

We have big goals at Benitago. We believe in achieving big to test our limits and to see what we’re capable of. We dislike mediocrity and believe in constant growth. We look for driven people who are willing to place a bet on themselves. People who can execute fast and at high volumes. People who have big goals and ambitions. People who are driven to excel and master.

Signs of exceptional performance

We like to see signs of exceptional results – in any form whatsoever. Be it outstanding performance as an athlete, as an artist, in your previous employment, in the academic fields, – high performance in virtually any domain.

Cognitive ability

The environment and problem areas we’re working on are constantly changing and becoming more and more complex and numerical – at a very high pace. Our work is intellectually challenging and stimulating. To succeed here abilities to compress and synthesize vast amounts of information, to analytically structure qualitative and quantitative data, to create sound and logical arguments are necessary. We value abilities to solve complex problems and find practical solutions fast.

Results Focus

Realizing our goals and our mission is not an easy task. The rewards are high, but getting there requires huge dedication and time commitment. We compete with teams across the entire world. An ability to go the extra mile, commit the extra hours, and make certain sacrifices is necessary to accomplish what we’re set out to accomplish.

If this sounds like an environment you thrive in, send us a message to connect