Inside Benitago.
Our Vision.

We are building a powerhouse of online-first brands. We’re on track to becoming the first online consumer packaged goods conglomerate.

Focus on
the customer

All companies claimsthey ‘put the customer first’. But who actually walks the talk? Big consumer brand conglomerates such as Procter & Gamble for sure don’t. Their strategy lies in leverage: they control the main distributors and use them as leverage to get into retailers. Retailers depend on legacy brand names to keep their shelves full and the consumer is left out of the equation. We believe we can do better.

Develop products
people actually want

Across all our brands, we involve our customers from the very first day and create products they actually want, products that actually solve their problems and that actually create more value. We use a data driven approach to analyse thousands of product specific social media posts, reviews, product feedback, and more. Once we achieve a statistically significant product development suggestion, we implement it. As such, we complete 4-5 times more development cycles per year than any big conglomerate.

Engage in direct conversations
with the customer

With the internet and platforms such as Amazon, we can circumvent the retailers and distributors that the conglomerates control. Our customers in turn receive products they actually want and become active promoters, dropping their old household brands. This is how we plan to take on the P&G’s, Unilever’s and J&J’s of the world.

We’re moving fast

We are building a powerhouse of online-first brands. We’re currently in the process of taking each brand from acquisition or conception to 100M+ USD in annual turnover, following a predictable and repeatable launch and growth path.

To maximize our expertise and to implement our vision we are implementing our models across a variety of consumer packaged goods verticals. We’re currently building and operating brands in the following verticals:

Beauty & Wellness

Health & Fitness

Food & Beverage

Pet Supplies & Accessories

Consumer Durables/Household Products

Personal Grooming