Our Story

Applying a computer science mindset to the world of physical products.

If you’ve built a business, our origin story might sound familiar.

Benedict Dohmen and Santiago Nestares were college students with a problem to solve.

Spending night after night studying in the library at Dartmouth College wasn’t kind to their posture. The two Computer Science majors united to solve a problem that plagued them and their classmates – chronic back pain.

After designing a prototype pillow, friends and family caught on and soon requested pillows of their own.

Soon after, they expanded their reach and chose to sell their pillows on Amazon – with more success than they could have anticipated.

The demand forced them to adapt, quickly. With hundreds of orders to fill, they were able to lock down the most efficient ways to manufacture, advertise, and sell their product.

Benedict and Santiago continued to design products that their new and expanding customer base asked for. Unknowingly at first, their approach to designing, developing, and marketing products mimicked their studies in Computer Science – data-driven, lean, and iterative.

They created algorithms that allowed them to fully optimize their marketing automatically and soon found ways to automate other aspects of their business. As if by chance, they developed a scalable platform capable of launching and growing Amazon businesses from conception to success.

The duo continued to build their own brands from the ground up, culminating in a portfolio of five unique brands growing and surpassing the 8-figure mark on Amazon.

Utilizing the power of data and the reach of the largest online retailer on the planet, Benedict and Santiago wondered if their approach could be applied to other businesses on Amazon who were struggling or stagnating.

This idea led to the inception of Benitago and continues to guide us today. Benitago connects with self-starting Amazon business owners who are looking to sell their businesses.

We are confident in our process because it’s how we built our own 8-figure brands, and how we continue our mission today.

Our Founders.




I’ve always been drawn to entrepreneurship. Wherever I go I see inefficiencies and constantly think about creative ways to solve them.

I appreciate the fast-paced environment at Benitago. We’re continuously learning and adopting resulting in a very steep learning curve.

I am most motivated by experiencing the direct impact our work at Benitago has on thousands of people’s everyday lives. We all go to bed here knowing that our efforts today will already be creating value to people’s worlds tomorrow.




I’ve been an entrepreneur since I can think. To me, entrepreneurship means ultimate accountability and responsibility. I thrive off this.

I believe the way we base our decisions on data and numbers at Bentiago is crucial in making accurate and unbiased decisions. It also allows us to move fast.

I am most motivated by the people here at Benitago. Our drive and growth fuel very capable and selective people to come together here to prove to themselves what they are able to accomplish.