7 Effective External Traffic Strategies for High Amazon Rankings in 2022

7 Effective External Traffic Strategies for High Amazon Rankings

With the recent rise of online shopping, Amazon has come out on top, leading one of the most monumental shifts in the online retail industry. The e-commerce giant continues to dominate the United States market with its 49.1% share and is a trailblazer in the global marketplace with its $239 billion revenue.

With over 12 million products across all categories and a surge in Amazon sellers (over 1.4 million new sellers annually), competition is fierce.

What does this mean for online entrepreneurs utilizing Amazon? It’s time to step back, reconsider your strategy to understand how you can increase traffic to Amazon listings and benefit without spending all your profits on PPC.

We’ll also show you how to use your existing follower base from other social media sites to drive powerful external traffic to your Amazon listings.

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The most common mistakes to avoid

A mistake many entrepreneurs make is building their customer base list by placing advertisements on multiple platforms and directing these ads to their Amazon listings. If you’ve been doing this as well, then it’s time to stop.

Yes, you may turn a profit via this strategy. However, in doing so, you will not be able to collect customer information like email addresses, preventing you from contacting these customers for future promotions, discounts, and holiday offerings.

Many sellers believe that conversion rates are one of the major factors in ranking on a search in Amazon. And they are! Amazon uses conversion rates as a metric for product ranking in search results. However, your search ranking will decrease because of non-conversion click-throughs to your product.

Not sure what that means? Say the potential customer is just canvassing for prices for a product, and it just so happens that your paid advertisement appears on their screen. They tap the advertisement, but they do not buy the product. This will decrease your product search ranking, necessitating the rebuilding of your ranking.

The second and most basic mistake most Amazon sellers make is not optimizing their products ahead of creating promotions and advertisements. Remember that if your Amazon listings aren’t search engine optimized, all efforts for driving external traffic to the listing will be ineffective.

The solution: a sales funnel

In solving this problem, entrepreneurs should set up a sales funnel to show product listings and collect information from customers voluntarily as well. This prevents your Amazon ranking from decreasing if a customer does not buy a product, and at the same time, it can redirect to your Amazon listing through a “buy now” option.

Offering them incentives such as promo codes or discounts to sign up for an email newsletter or Facebook messenger newsletter is also an option. Thus, a sales funnel is the best way to start building external traffic to your Amazon listing.

Best channels to drive external traffic

1. Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Marketplace

Facebook App and Facebook Messenger have been the biggest social media platforms that drive traffic to Amazon listings. Why? Because Facebook is more than just a social media site. With over 1 billion users, Facebook Marketplace is also one of the biggest online selling platforms to date. Is it any surprise that Facebook continuously updates its marketing machinery to bring a powerful and convenient way of placing advertisements on its platform?

Promoting your Amazon products on Facebook is easier than ever with its powerful algorithm in advertising targeting. It’s been known to collect demographic and interest data from its users to prepare a niche for any advertiser who wants to target a specific population.

These advertisements can link to a landing page (your sales funnel), a Facebook page for your business, or even your business’s Facebook messenger. The result? Prospective customers can directly contact your team for support!

However, Facebook advertising is notoriously expensive, so effective demographic targeting and captivating copywriting will be the difference in driving external traffic to your Amazon listing.

2. Google Ads

Utilizing Google Ads to promote an increase in Amazon traffic is a no-brainer, as Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in use today—with an over 90% share in searches worldwide and over 4 billion people using it daily. It’s no secret that we use Google for even the most basic of searches.

Many would argue that using Google Ads would be counterproductive as they do not directly advertise your products on Amazon itself. But we insist you try it, irrespective.

Why? Simple—it’s important to diversify your sales channels because Amazon can suspend or flag your account, and this would potentially harm your revenue stream. This is where your landing page or your sales funnel comes in. Entrepreneurs can place optimized ads on Google toward a sales funnel for your team to collect their information for future promotions.

Remember to organize your campaigns with the right keywords and campaign settings before sending out external traffic. More so, knowing what to indicate in a multi-tiered campaign ad structure such as Google’s Ads are key to a successful campaign. This is why it’s extremely important to optimize your Amazon listing so that the Google Ad can be cohesive with your listing, leading to more attractive conversions!

3. Affiliate programs

Also known as associate programs, these external traffic drivers involve paying other online entities such as bloggers, vloggers, personalities, or third-party websites to generate leads for a company’s products. A commission fee then compensates these affiliates for every purchase, which acts as a pay-for-performance marketing program.

Amazon popularized this through their Affiliate Program, where individuals earn referral fees. Amazon sellers would usually tap people or websites with the potential to be great anchors for their product and then create an affiliate link through which customers are redirected to a product of their choice.

Affiliate programs can be applied to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other websites with similar content as your products. These programs work hand-in-hand with influencer marketing by using their following on various social media sites.

4. Influencer marketing

Instagram amassed over 2 billion monthly active users in 2021 with over 25 million active business profiles. Originally a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has been integrated into a video-sharing platform to rival new players such as TikTok. With Instagram being acquired by Facebook, ads are seamlessly integrated into the Instagram stories feature.

An enormous audience resulted in photo bloggers, vloggers, and influencers using their following on the platform to endorse specific products. These influencers typically post a photo, video, or a story on their accounts showing how the product works and eventually leave a link to your Amazon listing or sales funnel. In many cases, an Amazon affiliate link or a sales funnel will be included in the description of the posts or the influencer’s bio so that it is easier to click.

5. YouTube promotions and product demonstrations

Like Instagram Influencer Marketing, Amazon entrepreneurs can tap famous YouTubers to mention their products on their videos for promotions. It’s important to note that Amazon sellers should find an influencer with a niche close to their product, so it does not seem out of place.

For example, it would be odd for a food and cooking niche influencer to suddenly promote a set of tools for home improvement. This would make your placed promotion ingenuine to their followers, otherwise known as your potential customers.

6. TikTok

A relatively new video and micro-vlogging platform, TikTok is a growing social media platform with over 1 billion users. This platform focuses solely on videos that use cookies and users’ view history to continually provide digital content to their dashboards.

Today, TikTok also has an advertisement program to drive sales or build awareness of businesses or services. Their demographic is perfect for Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials who want to get the information as quickly as possible because TikTok has a 3-minute video cap. Like Instagram, influencers can also carry affiliate links in their videos that viewers can click.

7. Email marketing or messenger marketing

Once you’ve built a database of your customers, you can now tap them for future promos, sales, discounts, and new products directly through email or Messenger marketing.

Having a customer base list is important as it can widen your external traffic to drive sales to your Amazon listings. Furthermore, you can also run marketing campaigns toward them, sell your products hard or even up-sell them, and virtually launch products without the use of advertisements.

Lastly, this allows you to directly contact your customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

Key takeaway

Our strategies on “How to drive traffic to your Amazon product?” have hopefully left you energized and raring to go. Yes, it’s a long optimization process and includes various online marketing strategies, but our advanced scaling tactics will effectively place you ahead of your competitors.

As a final word, ensure that you analyze what type of external traffic channel your business needs before setting up a sales funnel, building a contact list, and lastly, creating a lasting relationship with your customers. All of these will give your business the competitive advantage it needs for a more profitable venture.

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