Why Should I Sell My Amazon FBA Business

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You might have heard that a friend of a friend sold their Amazon FBA and made a lot of money. Maybe you’ve seen the news that Amazon FBA Aggregators are raising millions to buy and grow Amazon FBA businesses. So you’re probably thinking – should I sell my Amazon business?

Our advice is – YES

Here are our top 5 reasons:

Table of сontents:

A new adventure/reinvesting

Building an Amazon FBA brand is more than just business, it’s a true art. Cast your mind back to those small mistakes you made in the beginning, all the money you wasted on PPC with no results because you didn’t have the right keywords, all the stress when it came to paying suppliers, branding, launches.

You might be thinking “if I’d had X amount of cash to invest in my first launch, I would have been number one in just three months” or “if I could invest in a better product, I’d be spared from so many negative reviews”.

Now you can do all of that and more. The idea behind putting your Amazon FBA business for sale is to secure funds for a new adventure and reinvest your money in a new brand. Imagine how fast you’ll be able to achieve results now you possess both cash and knowledge. Suddenly, putting your Amazon business for sale isn’t so bad after all.

Alternatively, an online Amazon business may never have been your dream in the first place. Maybe that dream was owning a small coffee shop or vegan restaurant, but you never had the time and money to invest. You can make that dream a reality – by selling your Amazon FBA you’ll have the funding readily available to start your next venture, and you can finally follow your passion.

You need a large sum of money

Sometimes events happen we have very little control over. Children grow up and need money for college, a parent or close friend needs financial help. Perhaps you’re buying a new house, investing in the stock market, or having a big wedding, and you need a large sum of money immediately.

Whatever the reason may be, the prices of a solid Amazon FBA are between $500,000 and over $1 million – more than enough money to solve your issues or pay for a big life event. If you’re at the end of your career, the money could be enough to fulfill your retirement fund or enable early retirement.

Your business has become overwhelming

Amazon is on a constant quest for improvement – updating its terms and conditions, changing its policies, adding new services, and on top of that adding even more paperwork, rules, and stress to the Amazon sellers. It can be overwhelming, dealing with the constant change, and you might feel burnt out. 

Maybe you don’t experience the joy and excitement you once had when you launch a new product or receive a 5-star review. Instead, you’re worn down by constant problem solving, putting out little fires everywhere. Sometimes it feels more like solving a complex puzzle than running an Amazon business. The constant stress and problems may be a good indicator it’s time to sell your Amazon FBA business. 

Another reason to feel overwhelmed could be that the business has grown beyond your capacity to run it. You have hired your partner or your family members, on top of your full-time team of managers and workers, to help with processing orders, dealing with suppliers, and branding ideas. Managing a business 24/7 is stressful, and can take a real toll on your health & wellbeing. Before losing yourself in the entire process, consider taking a step back and selling your Amazon FBA business – or selling a portion of it and managing the rest. The sale will allow you to finance a well-deserved break or a dream vacation with your family.

What about if we’ve got it all wrong? Perhaps you love managing your Amazon FBA business, personally signing every thank you note, and being at the helm of any new decisions, but you’ve reached the top of your game but you want more. However, you don’t have the knowledge and capacity to deal with international paperwork. A possible solution – sell the FBA business to a aggregator which will allow you to stay involved in the business.

Things aren’t working out

It’s difficult to admit, but sometimes things just aren’t working out. No matter how much effort you put into increasing the value of your Amazon brand, the results aren’t coming.

They say that the greatest human virtue is to know when to step down – and you’ve come to that point. No matter how much investment you’ve put in, how many sleepless nights in front of the computer, the business is going downhill and you’re drained.

In this case, putting your Amazon FBA business for sale is one of the best decisions you can make. Instead of filing for bankruptcy, sell your business to someone who has the team and ideas to improve your business and make it super successful.

Your Amazon business is in demand

Your type of Amazon FBA business has become extremely popular and in-demand – the market is booming and you’re getting more sales than ever. This is the perfect time to sell your business.

It may not seem like it, but there’s a couple of reasons why it’s the best time: if the market is booming, the buyer is in control of the price. Don’t wait for a crash to sell, do it while the market is buoyant and the future looks bright – you can cash out 2-3 times more than the actual value of the business and negotiate under your own terms and conditions.


Is it the right time to sell?

Curious to know how much you would earn if you sell? Click the ‘What is my business worth?’ button and we will send you a free valuation in the next 24h!

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