Why Choose Benitago?

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Once you’ve understood your needs and desires regarding a suitable buyer for your Amazon FBA business, it’s time to pick a buyer. However, the possibilities on the market are endless.

Benitago is build by operators for operators who understand Amazon inside and out. 

This article goes into detail why choose Benitago as your buyer. 

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Why should you choose Benitago Group?

Price Match Guarantee + $250,000

Our unique Price Match Guarantee is unlike anything else in the industry. We place you at the heart of the sale, in the first place – not only do we offer a fair price, but we will also match any offer from other aggregators if your business fits our acquisition criteria. On top of all that – we add a bonus of $250,000.

On average, we pay 4.5 – 5.0x of the SDE (Seller’s Discretionary Earnings). We pride ourselves on putting in the dedicated time and energy, to benefit the seller. Plus – we add back your compensation and growth investments.

We are Amazon natives (like you!)

When selling your Amazon business it is very important to pick a buyer who knows how to grow and scale businesses.

Over the past 6 years, our sole focus has been launching and growing Amazon products. From start to finish, we’ve launched 12 brands and hundreds of products. We’ve been through it all – issues and roadblocks that require some intense problem-solving. We know what matters, so we don’t have to go through unnecessary steps during due diligence

We know how to run an Amazon brand – and we aren’t afraid to take risks.

We follow through on 100% of LOIs

Once the LOI (Letter Of Intent) is on the table, we put our skilled Benitago teams to the task immediately, starting work on the sale to close in 28 days. Our process is detailed, fast, and accurate – you can be confident your business is in the hands of one of the most experienced Amazon sellers in the world. 

We’ve previously raised $380 million from institutional investors. Our funds are secure and reliable which is a very important characteristic of a good Amazon business buyer. 

24h response time

We understand that you need an answer quickly. That’s why Benitago Group works around the clock, responding to all inquiries 24 hours after submission. We understand that you want to know the value of your brand as fast as possible and we work towards delivering that. 

Our team is ready and waiting to answer any question with a quick and accurate response via our contact form or in our FAQ section.  

Key takeaway

Benitago Group aims towards delivering an impeccable experience both for the first time and experienced sellers. Our team consists of professionals who treat every customer equally. 

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